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Imba Sac is a leading Folkloric Bellas Artes Academy located on Stockton Boulevard in Sacramento. The academy offers diverse educational programs for the community to learn music, dances, ballet, African drums, and Zumba. With a focus on preserving and enhancing traditional values through artistic expression, Imba Sac is dedicated to fostering a love of the arts in the Sacramento community. Our programs cater to individuals of all ages, making it an inclusive and accessible experience for everyone.

Zumba Class


Imba Sac's Zumba program is a fun and energetic dance workout that combines Latin and international music with contagious moves. Our experienced instructors lead participants through a series of high-energy routines that not only get the heart pumping but also help to improve coordination and flexibility. Whether you're looking to get in shape, relieve stress, or just dance the night away, our Zumba program offers something for everyone. Join us at Imba Sac and discover the joy of movement through music!

African Drums

"Imba Sac's African Drumming program is a unique and exciting way to experience the rhythm and beats of traditional African music. Led by skilled drumming instructors, participants will learn the fundamentals of African drumming and play a variety of traditional rhythms on authentic instruments. Not only will participants have the opportunity to develop their musical skills, but they will also learn about the cultural significance of African drumming and its role in traditional African societies. Whether you're a seasoned musician or a beginner, Imba Sac's African Drumming program offers a fun and educational experience for all levels."

Capoeira Music Instruments
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