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Our History

1994 The Birth of IMBA

Instituto Mazatlán de Bellas Artes (IMBA) was founded in Sacramento, California, by Yolanda Ramos-Colosio as a school of dance and performing arts. It aimed to promote Mexican heritage and artistic abilities among Sacramento's youth.

2005: Triumph at Esencia de México - Los Angeles, California

Ballet Folklorico de Sacramento won the international folkloric dance competition, Esencia de México, in Los Angeles, California, co-hosted by the Academy of Dance Amalia Hernández from Mexico City.

2006: Headlining the Gran Competencia - Dallas, Texas

The company headlined at the folklore dance festival, Gran Competencia, in Dallas, Texas.

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2006-2011: A Spotlight on Prestigious Stages in San Francisco

IMBA's dance company was invited to perform at San Francisco’s prestigious Ethnic Dance Festival at the Palace of Fine Arts and Yerba Buena Center.


2013/2016: Dr. Zenón Barrón's Artistic Vision and Bilingual Education

Dr. Zenón Barrón became the new Artistic Director, and IMBA continued its presentations with the bilingual educational program, El Pájaro Azul (The Blue Bird), designed for K-12 audiences.


Later: Expanding the Repertoire - New Productions and Music Program

The company presented new productions, including México y Sus Alrededores, Costumbres Latinoamericanas, Diciembre Navideño, Alongside its original productions, Posada Navideña and Corazón de México.


New Space, New Opportunities - Expanding IMBA's Reach

 inaugurated the Musical Program, providing music theory and instrument training in classical and popular music to students.


2016-2018: Luis Torres - Visionary Leadership and Community Outreach

Under Luis Torres' direction from 2016 to 2018, Instituto Mazatlán de Bellas Artes (IMBA) expanded its community outreach, performing in Sacramento schools to promote Mexican folk dance and arts. Torres' visionary leadership fostered inclusivity and inspired a new generation of artists, leaving a lasting cultural impact on the community.


2019-2023: Perseverance Through Challenges - IMBA's Continuing Legacy

under the guidance of Licensed Salvador Ortiz as director, Instituto Mazatlán de Bellas Artes (IMBA) showcased its talents at the esteemed Harris Center – Three Stages at Folsom Lake College.


2021 Facing the changes

Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, IMBA persevered with online programs, and after restrictions were lifted in 2021, the institute resumed its in-person art programs.


Throughout this period, IMBA's dedication to promoting Mexican heritage and fostering artistic growth has remained unwavering, making a positive impact on the community through its performances and educational initiatives.



IMBA continues to conduct statewide presentations of its productions and offers programs in Mexican Folkloric Ballet, Traditional Classic Ballet, and Music, including instruments and voice.


The institute also collaborates with local organizations, such as Estadio Azteca Indoor Soccer Arena, to provide performing arts opportunities to Sacramento's youth.

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