Folklórico for Everyone

Baile folklórico, literally "Folkloric Dance" or “Folk Dance” in Spanish, is a collective term for traditional Latin American dances that emphasize local folk culture with ballet characteristics-pointed toes, intricate movements, highly choreographed.


Folklórico is composed of Ballet steps and musical pieces reflecting various regions and folk music genres of México. This class is great for person of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Anybody who has the true desire and passion about the performing arts can try this expressive dance form reflective of Mexican culture, dancers range from the age of 4 years old to adults.


Each classes begins with a warm up to stretch and loosen the body, while toning, next the class moves into footwork (zapateado).  In this part of the class the learn to combine the zapateado with body movements each distinct for each folklórico dance region as the start to combine all of these into various dances.